Nothing Rests

“There he is!” Rachel exclaimed and pointed at her window. “I don’t see anything. I told you you’re hallucinating,” replied Katie. “Katie stop! How do […]


The ocean cleans a man It calms him Makes him whole again   The water and its salt resolves and revives Its waves wash everything […]

The Architect

“I love you!” I yelled as loudly as I could, so she would hear me from the other side of the cabin. “I know, sweety,” […]

The Solstice Shave

Once a year when one normally hibernates, lets oneself go wild and hides behind hair, when we wake before the sun and tuck her in […]


She stood only about 100 yards from me, on the other side of the rushing creek, our eyes locked. The soundsĀ of the forest couldn’t mask […]



Who were you before the first snow fell?   You were a woman, a daughter, a sister   What were you before the first flower […]

On Love

My friends’ wedding in Sonoma was tasteful, sweet, and smooth, like the wine of the region. It was a simple Catholic ceremony, with a few […]

It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World – Part 4

She might as well have been speaking another language. “What?” “I’m not a clone. No woman is. All you men are. Except for you.” I […]

I fucking love tacos

I fucking love tacos. Dripping with fats, chewy and crunchy. Tang that knocks you out with an after-spice, a scary good feeling, like the free-fall […]

On Traveling

The first below-freezing day in Minnesota hit me hard this year. So hard that I went to my garage and started up my bike, threw […]