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la Gallera

Though dim, the fluorescent lighting stings my eyes after I enter in from the twilight outside. My camera is already in my hand, aperture and […]

What It Takes

What It Takes

Sometimes it takes sunshine Sometimes it takes a good meal Sometimes it takes a beer Sometimes it takes a toke Sometimes it takes a good […]


The road

Only water separates old from new poor from rich Only a bay and its rain Both the paved and the bricked roads smack with success […]

Rain, Rain, Go Away


It’s rainy season in Costa Rica. The rain comes with the consistency and punctuality of a porn star. And although I usually have an inclination […]

I’ve touched Cuba. I’ve smoked Cuba. Part 3


Nothing is real but the Soul. Yes, it has taken me four weeks to write this final piece, and for good reason. Just like my […]

I’ve touched Cuba. I’ve smoked Cuba: Part 2


Land of Ironies…too bad you can’t export that! I soon noticed that this nation is ironically nothing but an indirect host for the insufferable parasitoid […]

I’ve touched Cuba. I’ve smoked Cuba: Part 1

I've touched Cuba

A mindfuck. It’s been exactly two months since I left the island – a perpetually smoldering cigar, surrounded by tepid waters and demagogic winds attempting […]

en el malecón

en el malecón

Fire burns on the malecón It ain't from the rum Or the day's beating sun, No, she has set And has left us all this […]

deceitful sunset

To Hide

To dodge the storms To wave surrender To hide, Behind white lies   Dare I say? You'd rather shine! Is this not the reason for […]